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Why is Content Important?

Unique, quality content that is posted frequently is important for your site’s search engine rankings. More importantly, fresh content that is helpful for your visitors will keep them coming to your website.

How Can I Help You?

Your time is valuable and limited. Sure, you could probably manage to write fresh, well-researched articles for your site. But would you have time to do anything else?

Why Hire Me?

I have over a decade of professional writing experience. Writing is my first love so I bring enthusiasm for the job, and I enjoy writing both fiction and nonfiction—and extra points if I get a chance to learn something new!  I have advanced degrees in business and accounting, am a registered CPA, and am an experienced researcher. I also bring over a decade of corporate finance experience, and as you may have noticed, I am a proud nerd. Learning new things and writing about them is my jam.