Welcome to my website!

My name is Tiffany Martin and I am a freelance writer. As a registered CPA with over a decade of corporate experience, I specialize in business and finance articles. However, I also enjoy traveling, yoga, meditation, and anything health related—not to mention a whole slew of other subjects. I’m a proud nerd and I love to research and learn about new topics.

Check out my Samples page to read a few recent pieces of my writing. If you would like to check out my resume—including both writing and finance/business experience—please email me at tiffany@writertiffany.com.


Official Bio:

Freelance writer Tiffany Martin has over a decade of corporate experience in accounting and finance. Her experience ranges from small business for Fortune 100 companies. She has been a full-time writer since 2012 and has written professionally since 2007. She is a total nerd and enjoys researching and writing about all sorts of subjects ranging from business topics to personal finance to yoga and meditation. Check out Tiffany’s writing samples at writertiffany.com.